Sunday, February 12, 2012

Single Mother College Scholarship Programs

If you're a single mother planning to go to college, whether you're a recent high school graduate trying to stay in step with your peers or an older parent - perhaps a displaced homemaker ready to return to school after an absence of many years - you know that every little bit of financial assistance helps.
However, though you're grateful for the federal aid you'll receive, it may not be enough. You need to look into single mother college scholarship programs to help you offset the overall higher cost of your education as a single mother, which includes providing food, clothing and housing for your children in addition to yourself, and the ever colossal challenge of securing quality and affordable child care.
What kind of scholarships are available to someone such as yourself in your state of residence? One state that exhibits exemplary single mother college scholarship programs is arkansas. The state offers what is called the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. To apply, you must initiate correspondence with the specified contact for your particular county. In providing college scholarships for single mothers, of particular praiseworthiness is the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County.
The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County combines financial assistance with much-needed mentor support. However, the beauty part of the program, at least financially, is that scholarship funds do not necessarily have to be applied to tuition, but can be used wherever they are needed most along your journey to receiving your college education as a single mother.
The funds could be used for textbooks, transportation, child care, and so forth. Also, the single mother college scholarship programs allow you to study whatever career field you wish, whether you want to work in nursing, human resources, accounting, or anything else.
Above all in your search for scholarships, maintain a positive outlook and never feel discouraged that your situation will make getting additional educational financial assistance more difficult for you than the average student.