Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 scholarships

Health and Society is an interdisciplinary master's programme looking at the relationship between health, individuals and society both in a contemporary and a historical perspective. Students are provided with a broad framework and advanced knowledge in the social sciences and humanities with focus on problems and conditions in the health field.

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Specific emphasis will be placed on the theoretical understanding of relationships between health and social change, gender, culture, social vulnerability and health care. For students applying for a Master's programme at Linköping University, Sweden, there will be LiU International Scholarships resulting in a fee waiver of up to 50 per cent of the tuition fee.

No separate scholarship application is needed.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Contact Employer(Eva Lena T.  Never give your bank account information, credit card or social security number to a prospective employer. Do not accept any offers to cash checks or wire money.

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We will never know until and unless you do not tell us that what kind of scholarship you are looking for or where you are applying. Please feel free to ask your questions and doubts. we might help you finding a right scholarship for free.

Swedish-Turkish Master's Scholarship Program for Turkish Students, Sweden

* Scholarships for Master's studies at Linköping University, Sweden
* Erasmus Mundus MAHEVA Scholarships 2011
* PhD Studentship in the Subject of Medical Science with an Orientation Towards Global Health
* Erasmus Mundus International Masters in Economy, State & Society

For scholarship updates visit 2011 scholarships portal