Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scholarships Program For Mothers Has Been Approved by the President - So Who Gets Approved?

If you are a mom and have been asked if you ever considered going back to school, you may have thought they were crazy for asking you such as thing. How can you go to school if there is no money left over after paying the bills?
But now our President is giving moms a chance to earn a college education by improving the Federal Pell Grant. Even though the Federal Pell Grant has been around for ages, it has not been available for moms like it is now. The limit for the grant has also been raised and is now $5100 instead of $4050. Not only can this money be for tuition and book fees but it can be used for other college related expenses such as housing. This is exactly what mothers have been waiting for so now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity.
The best part of this is that you do not have to spend your money (that you do not have) to pay for college. This is free money; just get your college education.
Who is approved?
No one is approved if they do not apply. But although the government has money, the funding is limited for this program. If the money is gone then you will lose your chance to win the scholarship money. You will never know unless you apply. You can be a single or married mother; you can also be a working mother or a stay at home mother. Although there is no guarantee, you need to apply to be considered at all. If the money is available and you apply, you have a chance.
You do not want to apply only to the Federal Pell Grant, there are other scholarships available and some do not have any applicants so you can be the first. The more scholarships you apply for, the better the chances you have of being approved for a scholarship that does not have to be paid back. So whether you are a single mother, married, working or a stay at home mother you can be approved but you have to apply. Take advantage now and go online to fill out the application form.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Scholarships Programs For Catholic High School

There are scholarships programs for catholic high schools that offer financial assistance sources that are designed to help the student looking to enter a catholic high school. These organizations can help a student receive a well rounded education. Catholic schools differ from public schools in that the government does not fund the education and consequently a student will need the proper funding to receive this level of education.
Catholic schools are an option to public education available for the high school student. These schools are designed to help a student finish high school with a fully rounded program that will prepare them for getting accepted by major colleges. These programs also prepare the student for being prepared for college workloads and the responsibility associated with attending a major college.
There are organizations within the Catholic community that provide assistance to prospective students supplying the funding necessary to enter into a catholic high school. One such organization is the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest fraternal service organization with over one and a half million members worldwide.
The Knights of Columbus are one of the most generous organizations in the world and give out over $150 million to charity each year. One of the programs is a scholarship program that is dedicated to providing a scholarship to students entering into Catholic Schools. The program is available for students at all levels of education.
Another popular Catholic organization is the Catholic Knights. This organization consists of 15 different Roman Catholic societies in 27 countries. While they're not directly affiliated with the Knights of Columbus they do offer a comparable charity service. The Catholic Knights have had a great program in existence since 1995. Since that time they have awarded over $1 million in scholarships to students attempting to get into Catholic grade schools this includes students from kindergarten through high school.
The Catholic Knights offer tuition assistance program to any student entering into a catholic school. To apply for this assistance you can access their Internet website and download the necessary application to apply for assistance. They can also assist with financial planning and help you find ways that you may be able to afford to pay for your students High school education.
Most Catholic high schools are offering in-house financial aid programs that provide scholarships to incoming students. To apply for this financial assistance you need to contact the financial aid office at the particular Catholic school you are looking to place your child in. The financial aid office can also help set up a payment program and cater to your financial capabilities.
Many Catholic high schools also have available an alumni scholarship program. This program is directed at providing financial assistance to those in need and is funded by the graduates of a particular school. In many cases alumni organizations will provide assistance to children of graduates of the school. This program can be a great way to provide your child with the same well rounded education you received. There is also in many cases an endowment fund that is sponsored by an individual who graduated from this school. The alumni organization may be able to help line you up with an individual graduate who is willing to asset in paying for your child to attend catholic high school.