Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Steps on How To Get Single Mother Grants For College

Being a single mother entails a lot of pressure for many women in their day to day lives, but if you are a single mom who has not finished school because of having to support your family, it can be even more challenging to sustain your financial situation and take care of your families needs.

However, there is good news for all single mothers who are seeking to go back to school thanks to single mother grants that are available, today.

Here are 3 steps on how you can apply for and receive single mother grants to go back to college:

    Look into schools that offer single mother grants. Most colleges will offer what is called a Federal Pell Grant, which is a grant that is offered to students who need more financial assistance to pay for the expenses involved with attending college.  Almost all moms will qualify for this grant based on being within the lower income category.  Currently, the grant amount is about 900 to 5000 dollars a year depending on how many classes you are enrolled in for the semester.
    Research scholarships online. There are a lot of scholarships available online that offer single mother grants based on need, merit, minority status, income level, and certain fields of study.  If you take the time to look through them and go over the application instructions, you may find that you qualify for more money than you imagined.  Many of these scholarships are provided by community organizations and private businesses to help moms finish their education.
    Ask about Federal Work Study. The Federal Work Study program is a job training program that is offered to students who are looking into working part time while they are in school to both pay for their education and to gain job experience within their field of study.  These funds are part of the Financial Aid package and are usually set aside for lower income students.

Finally, in order to apply for single mother grants, you should go online and fill out a FAFSA form and follow up by meeting with a financial aid counselor from your school.  They should be able to give you more information on how to research and apply for scholarships that you may qualify for, and will even help you with the application process if you need it.