Thursday, July 19, 2012

Outstanding Writing Skills to Grab Scholarships

Some people may rely on writing help to guide them making a brilliant essay or personal statement in their journey to get a scholarship. It is known that writing an essay or personal statement is a must in the scholarship application process. Those having an excellent writing skill may easily form a brilliant essay. Therefore, having an outstanding writing skill can be one of the keys to successfully get a scholarship.

There are two ways to sharpen writing skill: learning the theory and doing a lot of practice. Since essay is always asked in the scholarship application process, we should know how to make a good essay. The structure of an essay consists of three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. That is the basic structure which seems a kind of a cakewalk. Otherwise, when it comes into practice, it requires a hard work and a great motivation. We can start it by making an outline. Some professional writers still make an outline or draft before writing. Outlining or drafting is very important to help us keep on the writing track and avoid a writer’s block. Once we know what we are going to write precisely, we can create a good essay.

Do not forget to learn on how to make a communicative sentence. Usually, we should attach a recommendation letter or reference letter in our scholarship application. Thus, make sure the one writing it also has a good letter writing technique. For example, if the one writing a recommendation letter for us does not really understand on how to write an impressive statement, we can ask him/her to show us the draft. We need to make sure that there is a positive quality exposed in the letter. In addition, we should always keep in mind that either reference letter or recommendation letter must be written in honest and true words.