Sunday, September 4, 2011

Touching Lives with Noyce Scholarship Program

The program is designed for these subjects along with engineering and technology as these are the basic subjects that any student must be aware of. For this sole purpose, the scholarship program was introduced at the National Science Foundation. The scholarship is provided to a large number of students who excel in their majors and are encouraged to share their knowledge with the younger generation. This directly resolves the need for teachers in secondary school and high school.

Besides providing the funding for the teachers, monetary help is also provided to the institutions in the form of scholarship and stipends to recruit such teachers who are well versed in their respective fields. However like every program, the Noyce Scholarship program has its own rules and regulations which need to be strictly pursued since the future of several hundred students is at stake.

One important rule which needs to be followed strictly is that, the students who receive the scholarship need to work at one of the high need schools for at least 2 years.

This way, they could make an impact on the students and provide them with better foundation on their field of expertise. In case the teacher is unable to complete this regulation, he/she will be liable to the amount received as scholarship and will be forced to redeem the amount received from the program. Apart from this, each applicant must hold a bachelor's degree in either science or mathematics.

The only profession which can change the future of any person or country is the teaching profession.

Teachers are heavenly beings who touch the lives of several students, making them a better person and guiding them through all the thick and thin of life. This program provides every person with an opportunity to live such a heavenly life. Hence, each person must embrace this opportunity and help the youngsters in making this world a better and beautiful place to live.