Friday, November 5, 2010

Undergraduate Scholarships

Just about every high school student these days has a desire to go to college after they finish school. There are thousands of scholarship programs available to undergrads and these can provide free college money. This saves you from taking out high interest student loans. Undergraduate scholarships therefore are the ultimate way to get funding for college - you just need to know how to get one!

Why You Shouldn't Choose a Student Loan

There is great financial stress involved with any loan, and student loans are particularly stressful as they are usually given to high school graduates who really have no concept of debt and the long term implications of owing money.

That is why a getting a scholarship should be your first priority.

Searching for a Scholarship

So how do you find undergraduate scholarships? You can search for opportunities that are based on merit, student type, academic skills or subject.

If you know which field of study you intend to pursue then you may be able to find a highly targeted scholarship program.

There are free scholarship searches online and you should never pay to do a search.

Most scholarships for undergraduates are awarded based on your academic performance, or on financial need.

So if you do not qualify for either of these you can enter various draws and competitions for scholarships - and they are often worth even more money.

Some of the students who will benefit from undergrads scholarships include:

- High school students
- Home schooling students
- Adult and returning students
- 4 year college and 2 year technical college students