Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rugby Scholarships

Rugby scholarships are offered to men and women attending college and playing rugby for the team. Some scholarships are also available through alumni associations. But most of these are supervised and administered by college authority. Apart from this there are various clubs and private resources that readily fund to eligible and excellent players. However, there are different ways of approaching for scholarships if you are not excellent players that get automatically recommended by their respective coaches. It is good to find out possible funding options in your locality so that you prepare for the application process.


The first thing that you need to do is prepare your mind for the lengthy and time taking processes of different scholarships. It should be clear to you that applying for any scholarship program successfully does not mean that you will win the award money.

Besides all the pain you take to apply and submit the form carefully and much before due date, it is possible you do not get selected for the award. So, be prepared for rejections also. This is part of life and you must be mentally all set for all this when you have planned to apply for the scholarships.


The selection of the rugby scholarships is not just based on the sporting spirit. Academic excellence and involvement in various community services are also important criteria that are taken into account during the selection process. So, the best thing is to start preparing for the scholarships right from the time you are a high school senior. Research well and look out for options and see what the requirements are of well known scholarship programs. You have time and you can prepare accordingly. Participate in different community development programs and develop your leadership skills. These things can help you win a number of scholarships.


You might need help of your coaches when applying for rugby scholarships. So, maintain a good relationship with your coaches. If they know about you, your game and your objectives, it is good. But if they are not aware of your potential and caliber, you should self promote yourself because their recommendations can help you win the award money.